Quintet Jean Paul, Bright Water. We will be debuting this, our second CD, at Jazz Baltic in July 2015.  I'm really proud of this one.  Stay tuned for links and video material for Bright Water. Gabriel Coburger (saxaphone, flutes, composition), Matthäus Winnitski (piano and keys), Sven Kerschek (bass) and Derek Scherzer (drums).  And of course yours truly on vocals.  I'm using texts from Faulkner, Mellville, Virginia Woolf, Whitman, and myself to inspire my vocalises, and will definitely develop this in my future work.  This band is of great inspiration to me, and I want to dance every time I listen in.  

Stephan Abel Quintett featuring Ken Norris - Windmills of your Mind.  Agogo Records. 

“This double album by the well-integrated Stephan Abel Quintet is a stimulating example of the true art of jazz improvisation. It is not just a question of playing phrases that fit the chord sequence. You can create lines which are true to the chord sequence, but which have no connection with the mood of the original.The true art of jazz improvisation is a matter of playing improvised lines which are compatible with the spirit and mood of the original melody. "With an impressive combination of standards written by Billy Strayhorn, Rodgers & Hart, Michel Legrand, Jule Styne and Bruno Martino and inspired originals by Carla Bley, Mal Waldron and Jimmy Rowles – Stephan impressively demonstrates his mastery of the true art."  - Mike Hennessey

 2008 Ken Norris, In the Spirit of Christmas.  

This is my second handmade production, and iis destined to become as much of an unsung hero as my first CD, Modern Folklore (so to be re-released).  In this record, I am working with layered vocals, string quartet (with my friend and colleague Alexander Mottok (violin, arrangement).  It really makes me happy that reactions to this work have been so powerful and so positive.  Have a listen and order a copy before Christmas time....


2012 Gruupgroove, Ken Norris (Vocal), Michael Kersting (drums), Tino Derado (piano), and Thomas Stabenow (bass and production).  A perfect example of a recording that came out so transparent and satisfying that we had to release it.  This short compilation gained the attention of NDR Radio in Germany without even having been released, prompting us to make it available, upon request, to the Jazz public.  The Ken Norris Music Store will contain a link for listening and eventually purchasing this little gem.  Music from Stevie Wonder, johnny Hartmann, Horace Silver, and other great artists.

 2009 Passion Flower: the music of Billy Strayhorn, The Hamburger Polizeiorchester featuring Ken  Norris.  I have had the honour and pleasure to work with Dr. Kristine Kresge (director HPO) for many years, and it seemed only natural to want to record songs from one of our favourite composers, the enigmatic Billy Strayhdorn.  Luckily, master arranger Steve Gray liked the idea too.  This is a wonderful tribute album full of moving pieces and great solos.  Have a listen and enjoy!

 995  Ken Norris Modern Folklore.  

This CD was my first, and has set the pattern for my following work, both conceptually and in terms of sound design.  It's become a cult recording in Paris, and I owe the success of this one to my colleagues Thomas Ostrowiecki (persuasion, composition) and to my friend and producer André Stevens, who not only fed me, but gave me an enormous amount of food for thought and inspiration too.  I hope that we manage to re-release this work!!  I'll keep you posted.